Our highly specialised teams are made up of experts with in-depth knowledge of the specific technologies and systems used in range of sectors. This means that throughout your project, you have a competent contact person who understands you.

Knowledge is created when experience is shared

Every department draws on the vast experience and expertise of the technical head office. There, developers unite cutting-edge findings in valve technology with the specific client requirements.

Through the consistent internal transfer of knowledge between our experts, market changes and demands are incorporated directly into our developmental work. This helps us to improve every day whilst consolidating our technical leadership in all core areas.

Solid foundations form the basis for confident building

Thanks to our basic and advanced research, we possess exceptionally high expertise in all areas of valve technology, such as actuator engineering, electromagnetic development, mechatronics, sealing technology, materials technology and explosion protection.

Concerning new developments and optimisations, our expertise in calculation and simulation ensures a purposeful development process. We simulate flow and structural mechanics, magnetic and temperature fields based on the finite element method, although entire systems are also represented virtually.

Engineering and Research

After all, quality is our highest priority

Alongside excellent processing, meticulous inspections and precise testing procedures guarantee that our standards are met. This results in products with first-class quality levels.

Our test benches are developed on-site and are monitored by us from commissioning all the way to revision. This is why we are able to guarantee the quality of our testing.

  • Fatigue tests up to 1050 bar gas pressure
  • Pressure tests
  • Housing strengths are tested hydraulically up to 2500 bar in a burst test
  • Leakage
  • Measurement of the exact leak rate in the range of 1 to 1050 bar for helium
  • LabVIEW national instruments
  • Complex test procedures are reproducible and can be processed in a very short time.
  • Test bench development

We know where it’s written

All documentation involved in a project or contract will be managed and filed by us.

  • Management of modifications, especially document traceability
  • Support and maintenance of CAD (SolidWorks) and PLM (POR.FILE) software.