03. July 2017

The Seitz Group enters its third generation with Fabian Seitz

On 4 September 2017, Fabian Seitz, a member of the next generation of the Seitz family, will take over the CEO position of the Seitz Group. The transition is foreseen as part of the company’s management succession plan.

Wetzikon, 3 July 2017

34-year-old Fabian Seitz began his career outside the family business, working for over six years at a well-known, globally active management consultancy company. During this period, he spent most of his time abroad, where he gathered cross-functional experience, particularly in the manufacturing sector. In summer 2016, he assumed a strategic planning function at the Seitz Group, which enabled him to gain in-depth knowledge of the company’s economic environment.

Born in Wetzikon, Fabian Seitz studied mechanical engineering at the ETH Zurich and Stanford University. Later, he complemented his technical skills by studying for an MBA at the London Business School and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

“I am pleased that our son has decided to lead the family business that my father founded nearly 60 years ago into the third generation,” says Urs Seitz, the longstanding president and owner of the Seitz Group. “Today, it can no longer be taken for granted that the management succession will be settled within the family.”

The present CEO, Andreas Steiner, who has successfully managed and further developed the company over the past years, will switch to a seat on the board of directors in September 2017. “After a stimulating six-year period as CEO, I am pleased to hand back the CEO position to the company’s founding family. The change of generations is a sign of stability,” says 55-year-old Andreas Steiner. “I am confident that Fabian Seitz will continue to develop the company over the next years and further expand its leading role in the solenoid valve market with the help of cutting-edge technology.”

The owner family and the board would like to thank Andreas Steiner for his unfailing commitment as CEO of the Seitz Group and are pleased that he will continue to contribute his experience and professional skills to the interests of the company as a member of the board.

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