Individual Solenoid Valve Solutions for Nuclear Power Plants

Our company is a lead provider of class 1E Solenoid Operated Valves (SOVs) for nuclear power plants all over the world. Our products meet the highest quality and safety standards and have 40 years of successful operation in NPPs with no reported or known malfunctions.

Our main products are:

  1. Revolutionary, no elastomer, causing no water hammer effect Sampling Valves for reactor water
  2. Modular Pilot Control Valves for diverse applications called „Green File“ (easy to install, easy to maintain, with up to 38 different variations available)
  3. Control Pilot Air Blocks for MSIVs
  4. Directional Control Valves (DCVs)
  5. No membrane Scram Solenoid Pilot Valves (SSPVs)

Our valves are fully qualified and can be supplied commercial grade under ISO 9001 as well as safety related under 10CFR50/NQA-1.

Lifetime support

You can count on us during the entire lifetime. We offer “life-time support” of our products to our customers starting from design, through manufacturing, installation and maintenance and/or refurbishment services as well as timely spare parts delivery, training of NPP maintenance personnel and availability of mobile test equipment. If desired, we develop customer-specific programs - frame agreements - that notify our customers in a timely manner which maintenance activities are recommended for our valves based on their power plant operating history and the upcoming refueling outage.

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